Multispecialty Hospital in Chennai
Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai

Services &Facilities


Our hospital functions with 24*7
ambulance service so that any
patient can be brought in during an emergency for immediate


Our emergency rooms are always open and our doctors are always ready to treat any kind of emergency cases.


Our hospital has a 24*7 Pharmacy that will always have supply of medications for any of your medical needs, even if the patient is not admitted into our facilities.


Our hospital Intensive Care Unit is a room
where severely sick patients are admitted
into the room to get constant medical care.


Our hospital is associated with several
insurance companies that can be claimed
during the time of discharge.

    24/7 services

    Diagnostic Laboratory


    Aematology involves the study of blood disorders. It studies the root cause, the treatment that has to be given and the prevention of the disease.

    Bio Chemistry

    BioChemistry is biological chemistry. It is the study of the biological process at a cellular
    and molecular level.


    Pathology refers to the field of medical
    science that requires the doctor to study the causes of the ailment that the patient suffers with.


    The diagnosis of the tissues to understand
    the disease of the tissue, its causes, the treatment. The affected tissues are examined under a microscope.


    Cytology is the examination of a cell, cell structure, cell behaviour, cell functions etc.
    This field of medical science concentrates
    more on the cells that appear in fluid


    Microbiology is the study of biological
    aspects of microscopic organisms like
    viruses,bacteria, fungi, algae. Microbiology is used in food production and in genetic engineering.


    It is the study of the immune response of the human body. It also studies the functions and disorders of the immune system.

      2D Echo Scan

      A 2D Echo is performed on a patient to
      observe the motion of the heart and its structure. The test gives images of the
      different parts of the heart using sound vibrations.


      An ECG or Electrocardiogram is a simple
      test performed to check the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity in the heart.

      Bio Thesiometry Study

      It uses an impaired vibratory generation threshold to diagnose peripheral
      neuropathies. It is mainly used in diabetology and neurology.

      Digital X-Ray

      Digital X Ray captures images using a digital camera. The sensors are connected to a monitor thereby producing more clearer and accurate images for accurate diagnosis.

      USG Scan

      Ultrasound or USG uses high frequency sound waves to create an imagery of the inside of the body. It is generally used for scanning an unborn baby.