Multispecialty Hospital in Chennai
Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai


Geriatrics is a branch of medical care for the elderly. There is no age to particularly define the term ‘elderly’. This branch of medical sciences treat patients suffering with severe ailments that generally develop because of old age. When medication is prescribed by the family physician or family doctor and there is no development in the health of the patient or there the health condition tends to get complicated, it’s the time to visit a Geriatric. 

What makes a geriatric doctor very special or the right choice for the elderly?

Geriatric care in Chennai , under the guidance of Padmashree Prof Dr. Natarajan,  focuses on addressing the specific needs of elderly individuals who often experience a range of health issues related to mental, circulatory, and sensory systems. Our trained geriatric professionals understand the complexities of these conditions and provide tailored care to improve the overall well-being of seniors. Common mental health concerns among the elderly include dementia and delirium, while circulatory conditions often include coronary heart disease. Additionally, sensory functions may weaken with age, affecting smell, taste, and more. To minimize the burden of multiple medications, our geriatric experts work to optimize medication usage, considering the body’s capacity to handle them. Geriatric care aims to provide comprehensive solutions while minimizing the number of medications and their dosages. This specialized branch of medicine addresses the unique needs of elderly individuals, focusing on healing, managing symptoms, and maintaining optimal health parameters.

While not every aging individual needs to consult a geriatric specialist, those with complex health conditions benefit from the expertise of geriatric professionals who tailor treatments to their specific needs. Our geriatric care services in Chennai cater to the special requirements of elderly individuals, ensuring their well-being and enhancing their quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our Geriatric Care in Chennai and how we can support the health and vitality of your loved ones as they age gracefully.