• In some recent studies and statistics, it was found that77 million people in India have diabetes. This is equivalent to 1 in 11 Indians.
  • Diabetology is a branch of Endocrinology that deals specifically only with Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Diabetes is a disorder that occurs in the body due to several reasons.
  • The main symptom for this disease is that it spikes up the blood sugar in the body and remains elevated for a long time.
  • This disease also has an opposite action i.e For some people the body is not able to produce the required amount of insulin therefore not having the capacity to move the sugar from the blood into the cells.
  • Both high and low sugar are extremely dangerous if not treated with medications and lifestyle disease.
  • When the diabetes is not under control, the rest of the body like the brain, eyes, kidneys get affected simultaneously.
  • Diabetology is the sector of medical sciences that come under Endocrinology.
  • Diabetologists are licensed medical practitioners who work under this branch to treat people having diabetes.
  • Generally people who have diabetes, doctors prescribe medication that ensures keeping the blood sugar in control, so no other complications occur to the body and also to practise some lifestyle changes like eating the right portion of food, 
    changing unhealthy food habits to healthy food habits, not to get to stressed out, to regularly exercise to keep the body fit and healthy etc.
  • Pon Malligai hospital has 25 years of experience in this field where we have seen more than 6 lakh + patients.
  • When a person has the symptoms of diabetes we ask them to take a comprehensive health check up that not only tests for diabetes but a health check up for the whole body.
  • As far as diabetes is concerned, the following things are kept in consideration or followed while the test is being taken.

Diabetic Health Package

The blood test is taken at 6:30AM.
These tests include Fasting Sugar, HBA1C,
Lipid Profile, Renal Function & Urine Profile

An Insulin or Tablet is provided before food and breakfast is provided for the patient after the consumption of the medication.

After 2 hours of eating, ECG, X-Ray, Foot Screening, Biothesimety, Doppler, Podia Scan, Eye Screening is performed on the patient.

Diet Advice and diet education is given to the patient and at our hospital diabetic medication has a 20% discount at MRP.

Post prandial check up

A postprandial check up is done followed by a doctor consultation.